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At Niosha, we take pride in everything we produce. Our products are for ingredients conscious beauty, with high standards and quality. All of the ingredients are pure, natural and organic. So you feel safe with what you are pampering your body with. our products deliver skin moisture of higher magnitude, detoxification, exfoliation, and cleansing without the harsh chemicals. Here at Niosha, we believe that natural is the best way.


Disclaimer : Product posting portrayal is for educational purposes only, not intended to supplant a doctors proposal. Our products are not endorsed by the FDA. Our products are with characteristic fixing  and it isn't to utilized other than for expressed purposes. Niosha's products are not made to fix any kind of maladies so please speak with your doctor or specialist and confirm that it won't meddle with any ailment,pregnancy,nursing,or anything else. In a event that any irrigation occur please discontinue using the items. Niosha isn't held responsible  for any product abuse. Although our items are handmade with natural and organic ingredients, our products are not hypoallergenic. Individual result may vary depending on the skin type, sensitivity, age, and skincare history, as well as how the product is applied. Always test the product on a small area of skin to check for sensitivity or allergic reaction.

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