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re you looking for a book that teaches you about your skin and
proper skincare?
Are you looking for a book that helps you transform into your
best version and makes you glow?
Are you looking for a book that enables you to break the
shackles and overcome the self-doubts that stop you from
realizing your dreams?
Well, if your answer to these questions is a big YES. Then we
have got you covered.
"It's Your Skin So You Must Know!" is everything you need to
take control. It will help you understand your skin and its needs
by teaching you about skin types, skin terminologies, skincare
products, their history, and their ingredients.Cleansers, serum, toners, moisturizer, masques, etc., this book
perfectly encapsulates the systematic breakdown of what to use.
when to use, and how to use.It also caters to the skincare needs of pregnant women and
imparts wisdom about the skincare essentials for individuals
dealing with other health issues.


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